Queensland weather: Long-distance rail services impacted by storms

A TRAIN full of people were stranded for more than five hours south of Bundaberg last night after destructive weather affected Queensland Rail services.

Jayden Kiss told the Bundaberg News-Mail the Brisbane-Rockhampton train was stuck 12km outside of Bundaberg for five hours with passengers given no real idea on what was happening.

“It was very frustrating,” Mr Kiss said.

“(Staff) said they didn’t know whether to wait for the water to go down or head back to Maryborough.

“Then one person on board had type-1 diabetes and didn’t have the medication she needed and they decided to stay and a car managed to get to us.”

He said the train was supposed to arrive in Gladstone at 5pm yesterday but, after delays, a bus trip and a taxi, Mr Kiss got home at about 2am this morning.

“I don’t know how many people in total, but there were five carriages and ours was basically full,” he said.

“Some people who were on there way to Townsville had to stay in Bundy over night, I think.

“I was supposed to work, but have had to call in because no one should be working on two hours sleep, which isn’t a good look on me after a long weekend.”

Mr Kiss said he knows the people on board couldn’t do anything about the flash flooding but he wants better communication so people can make arrangements and be kept up to date.

Meanwhile, major disruptions are still being experienced across Queensland Rail’s long-distance network due to yesterday’s freak storm in Bundaberg.

This morning’s Rockhampton-Brisbane tilt train due to depart at 7.10am was meant to arrive at Bundaberg at 10.05am.

The service will now begin at Bundaberg station at 2.05pm, with passengers north of the Rum City being bussed in.

The Brisbane-Rockhampton tilt train meant to depart Roma St at 11am was delayed, as will be the Brisbane-Rockhampton service due to leave Roma St at 4.55pm.

This morning’s 5.15am tilt train from Bundaberg to Roma St was meant to depart at 5.15am, but instead began at 7.50am at Gympie North with passengers bussed in.

The southbound Bundaberg-Brisbane tilt train is running normally.

Frustrated, tired and without much communication, one passenger stuck on a train outside of Bundaberg last night said they were stuck in the middle of Bundy and Maryborough for hours.

Yesterday’s weather has also affected the Spirit of Queensland and Spirit of the Outback routes.

The Spirit of Queensland from Brisbane to Cairns is running five-and-a-half hours late.

The service that left Cairns at 9am yesterday terminated at Rockhampton at 1am this morning, with passengers being bussed south.

The Spirit of the Outback that departed from Longreach heading to Brisbane on Monday is running six hours late, while tonight’s Brisbane-Longreach service due to depart Roma St at 6.10pm may be delayed.

Queensland Rail service updates

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